Electric city car

I recently did some 3D trials, here is my proposal for a competition. Check out other candidates if you have interest here ! Cheers


Here are the last 2 sketchs I will post about Jag. It is still part of the ideation stage, and I hope to have enough time to show the final shape soon. Some new stuffs are coming soon ~ stay tuned!


My portrait made by my very good friend Andrey Gusev @ work.


Improvement of the Shooting break for Jaguar that I'm working on. Tried to go more sexy!

Jag...in process!

Not sure yet about the total proportions and some details, but there will be more to come soon...after back from Geneva Show :)!

LM Texas Motors competition

This is the board for my proposal for the Texas motors comp.

Click here to access to the competition entries

The Chameleon

Here is my proposal for the Local Motors competition for Texas. The task was to create a vehicle for Texan hunters. I got inspired by the chameleon, to express the idea of camouflage, important while hunting.